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Waterless Litho Printing

Direct Image presses are environmentally friendly and deliver cost-effective, quick turnaround, high quality colour printing. This smarter way to print offers a strong competitive differentiation that appeals to a wide customer base. Direct Image printing offers capabilities that reach beyond those of conventional offset and toner-based digital devices.

Higher Quality, More Accurate Colour Reproduction.
When printing with a Presstek DI press, dot gain is reduced because the press eliminates the need for dampening solution, unlike traditional lithograhic printing. The dots are sharper and photographic shadow detail is rendered more clearly. Screen rulings of 300 lpi and FM screening are easily produced and the colour is consistent.

The Presstek 34 DI (Direct Imaging) which is a waterless press which eliminates the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, i.e. harmful greenhouse gases) by over 75%. It is one of the most environmentally friendly presses on the market with 100% chemical free plate making.

Waterless printing means ...
Better print quality than conventional print in terms of colour consistency and colour saturation.
The print you buy will have sharper colours, that are more vivid with the image noticeably standing out on the page.
The standard of detail on the reproduction is much higher, with the sharpness of the finished product looking closer to photographic quality than any conventional press could offer.
Your fabulous looking images will become more vibrant, and more alive, thereby providing you with marketing material that has a higher impact.
We use soya based inks adding to our green credentials

* Files presented must be of usable quality

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